Market Menu

27 €/person
Starter + main course + dessert

(Menu according to the market)


39 €/person

Starter + main course + dessert


48 €/person
starter + main course + dessert

riviera menu "all inclusive"

68 €/person
Starter + fish + meat + dessert

The menu

The sea, the summer and game in autumn, this is Michel DEVILLERS's philosophy and it is reflected in the menu.
In the ANE ROUGE kitchen, we cook only seasonal ingredients. This is important for us.

Good produce cooked with panache including classic French dishes such as stuffed tomatoes, mentionnaise pichade with candied sardines, and delicious chicken...
Fish is a dish that Michel DEVILLERS has enjoyed cooking since his early childhood. But no routine in all this! On the contrary, every morning, he impatiently awaits the arrival of the fish of the day from Mister Gilbert, his partner .
And so you’ll find à la carte: a white fish palangre on a bed of candied ratatouille that has been cooked twelve hours, a terrine of lobster, a fillet of sea bream stuffed in canneloni with stewed tomatoes with basil and braised john dory.
The poultry, the pigeons, the duck and the chick are not outdone. They are fed exclusively corn and peas, so their delicate and fragrant skin melt in your mouth. Regarding the desserts, your palate will be seduced. Peaches on a financier with an apricot sauce, baba with mint flavored pearls, “Tutti frutti”, and macaronade with red fruits.

The hardest part will be choosing which dish you would like !