Cooking lesson

As a passionnate Chef, Michel Devillers likes to share his savoir-faire but also his values.
So he offers cooking lessons.
During a day, the chef teaches you the foundation of cooking through the making of a whole recipe.

The day starts at 7.30 am by visiting the market in the old town of Nice.
The aim is to learn how to choose the right produce and ingredients.
Back to the kitchen, Michel Devillers shares with you his secrets with patience and generosity during the making of a recipe to which you participate. It is followed by a wine lesson, giving you the opportunity to choose the best wines for the meal you have cooked.

The lesson ends at around 3 pm… after having enjoyed your tasty meal.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any requests of cooking lessons for individuals or business groups :

Tel : 04 93 89 49 63 ou Fax : 04 93 26 51 42
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Cooking on a yacht

The Ane rouge, ideally facing Nice harbour, treats to a delicious meal holiday-makers of the most beautiful boats moored there.
Some food lovers often request him on their boat for a private meal.
So Michel Devillers brings the sea picnic.
Catch of the day, seasonal fruit and market vegetables...
Everything is prepared in his kitchen and delivered to your boat!

Don’t hesitate to contact us :
Tel : 04 93 89 49 63 ou Fax : 04 93 26 51 42